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artatthedisco's Journal

Art at the Disco
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about the community
welcome to art at the disco, a brand new community for artists, graphic artists, writers & photographers alike to express themselves while showing their interest in panic at the disco. we dont only want artists though, we also want non-artists to honestly & supportively critique our group of talented artists. we want your drawings, icons, layouts, wallpapers, photographs from shows, rare photographs & your slash/fan-fiction. please join if you want to submit your work or critique others (:

1. with the exception of rare photographs, absolutely submit your own work.
2. when using graphics, you must credit.
3. when you make graphics, you can use pictures that do not belong to you.
4. items over 100x100 pixels must be put under an lj cut. this goes for more than 3 icons at a time & adult content as well.
5. when critiquing, any harsh, crude, not-nice comments will be deleted. although we encourage honesty, there is a nice way to critique rather than "omg u suk at teh drawingz"
6. post only panic related material. literally, if you post something that isn't panic related intentionally, you will be removed from the community immediately.
7. be nice, have fun & enjoy the art.


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